Embedded Viewer

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If one or more of the feeds you follow embed useful article bodies in the feed XML you may wish to view them rather than load the body from the supplied URL with QuickView or the full BlackBerry 10 browser. The embedded article viewer in multiFEED displays any text, links, and images embedded in the feed, but comes with some limitations (and some benefits):

While viewing the embedded article, if you wish you can open the full version in QuickView or the full BlackBerry browser using the buttons on the action bar at the bottom of the page. The overflow menu (?) also includes a few extra actions while reading the article:

Warning: While it is possible to save an article to the Remember app using the Share button, doing so will not attach any tags set here, even if the notebook type supports them. For this reason it is recommended to always use the Remember button when saving an article to a Remember note.