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multiFEED's QuickView uses BlackBerry 10's WebView control to display articles without needing to launch the full BlackBerry browser. Although this is suitable for most article content, and allows a smoother and quicker experience, it does bring a few limitations with it. First, navigation in QuickView is limited to tapping on links in the article and using the Forward and Back buttons on the action bar. If you prefer more freedom to move about, the ability to add bookmarks, or manage downloads, then you are probably better off setting multiFEED to use the full browser by default. Also, certain advanced browser features may not work in a WebView, so some web video types, for instance, may not play when you tap the start button. Therefore, if your feeds regularly provide videos or other rich web content, the full BlackBerry browser may be a better choice.

If you find that QuickView usually meets your needs, but a few feeds would benefit from a more powerful viewer you can specify this on a feed-by-feed basis. Also, when using QuickView you can always change the viewing mode by tapping the Browser button on the action bar.

In QuickView mode the overflow menu (?) includes more actions than are visible on the main action menu at the bottom of the page:

The Clear Cookies function is useful for resetting page view counters used by some sites to limit the number of pages you are allowed to view without a paid subscription. Be aware though that if you use this action the cookies for ALL sites are deleted, not just the one you are currently viewing. This may cause other sites you frequent in multiFEED to lose your saved login credentials or other settings.

Warning: While it is possible to save an article to the Remember app using the Share button, doing so will not attach any tags set here, even if the notebook type supports them. For this reason it is recommended to always use the Remember button when saving an article to a Remember note.