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Remember App

The BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS upgrade introduced a new bug when saving to the BlackBerry Remember app. If you have set the default Remember notebook in multiFEED to a cloud-based one (i.e. Evernote) then you will not be able to select an alternate notebook when you actually remember an article link. The problem is that when you tap on the target notebook field to change it, you are taken to a page that only lets you choose from your Task folders, not your Notebook folders. There should be a button at the top of the page to switch between Task and Notebook folders, but it isn't there.

Note that this is only a problem on OS 10.3.1 (and possibly 10.3.0) and the multiFEED Remember feature works fine on older OS releases from 10.0 to 10.2.1. This problem has been reported to and confirmed by BlackBerry and should be fixed in a future OS release. In the meantime the workaround is to either set the default Remember notebook to "None", or to a local notebook on your device instead of in the cloud. This will allow you to select any notebook you like when you actually save a link to Remember, including a cloud notebook.

UPDATE: This problem is fixed in BlackBerry 10.3.2.

Memory Leak

A serious memory management bug has been identified affecting every version of BlackBerry OS from 10.0 to at least 10.3.1. The WebView controls that multiFEED uses to display article bodies has a memory leak that gradually consumes more and more device RAM as articles are opened and closed. While the memory consumption is usually slow to increase, at random times it may jump 50-120MB in one go. After extended use of multiFEED memory usage has been seen to rise from 20-50MB initially to as much as 600MB or more. It is possible that memory consumption may even reach a level where the OS decides to shut the application down without warning to recover memory, although this hasn't actually been witnessed in the field. It is important to understand that this is not a multiFEED bug. The problem has been submitted to and confirmed by BlackBerry, and they have promised a future fix, but have not indicated when this might appear. WebViews are so fundamental to the operation of multiFEED that there is no way to work around this BlackBerry 10 bug. Until BlackBerry releases a fix, you might need to occasionally shut down and restart multiFEED to recover the excess wasted RAM.

UPDATE: BlackBerry has reported that this bug has NOT been fixed yet in OS version 10.3.3.