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Available only when reading an article in QuickView mode, multiFEED's Reader Mode works almost identically to the Reader function in the Blackberry 10 browser. Reader Mode removes ads, menus, sidebars, and other distractions from web pages to make it easier to focus on the article content. To activate Reader Mode, view an article with QuickView and then select Reader from the overflow menu.  

While a human can easily determine which text on a web page is worth reading, for a software program stripping away all the clutter and leaving just the article text is a very complicated task. All "reader" implementations use a scoring technique which scans the original document and assigns a rating to each element it finds according to various predefined rules. Other programs will use different rules and algorithms, but the basic method is the same. Once the entire document has been scanned, sections and formatting with the highest score are kept and everything else is removed from the page. Images are retained only if they are scored with a very high likelihood of being germane to the main article. What remains is then formatted for easy reading. Reader Mode in multiFEED does a very good job of deciding what to remove and what to keep, but it is not infallible. Sometimes a page is formatted in ways that confuse multiFEED and either something important is cut or some of the clutter remains. Unfortunately this is unavoidable but thankfully infrequent, and you will notice that Blackberry's Reader Mode sometimes gets it wrong too. Note that Reader Mode is most effective on complex web pages with advertising and menus since the more elements available to scan the better the scoring results are.

You don't have to wait for the entire article to finish loading before activating Reader Mode, but if you try too soon there may not be enough of the page loaded to get useful results. If this happens just close Reader Mode and activate it again after more of the page has loaded. On very rare occasions even a fully-loaded page may be formatted in a way that prevents Reader Mode from finding useful article text. multiFEED's Reader Mode attempts a second pass with relaxed scoring rules if the first pass doesn't find anything, but sometimes even then it may not find anything to display, in which case it will notify you of the problem instead of opening the Reader page.

Tapping a link while in Reader Mode will close the Reader and open the linked content on the QuickView page. Note that occasionally a page will have links to specific parts of the same page. Since Reader mode will almost certainly have removed the marker tags these links target, tapping this kind of link will also close Reader Mode and attempt to scroll to the target location on the QuickView page.

While reading an article you can adjust the size of the article text for easier reading with the two Action Bar buttons (each step up or down is about 10%), or invert the text and background colors from the Overflow Menu. You can quickly restore the text to the default size with the reset text button on the Action Bar.

If you find you consistently prefer smaller or larger text you can save the current text size with the "Save size as default" button on the overflow menu.

You can also change the Reader Mode text colors more permanently with the "Set default text theme" button on the overflow menu. Note that when you change this setting the Reader Mode text colors won't reflect the new setting until the next time you start Reader Mode. Your choices here are: