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If you are using multiFEED Trial or Standard, you will see an Upgrade button on the application menu above the front and QuickView pages. Tapping this button will open the Upgrade page and display your choices. If you are currently using multiFEED Standard, you will see options to upgrade to Standard or Premium levels, but if you have already upgraded to Standard you will only see a button for the Premium upgrade. Current prices for each available upgrade are displayed just above each button, and tapping one of the buttons on this page will take you to BlackBerry World to make the purchase. Upon successful completion, multiFEED will be upgraded as soon as this page closes and you will have immediate access to the increased functionality.

License Transfer

When you upgrade multiFEED to Standard or Premium, a license key is generated and saved on your device. This key will only work on the device you were using when you upgraded. Normally if you change handsets or wipe your device multiFEED will check with BlackBerry World and automatically reapply previously purchased upgrades when it is reinstalled, as long you are are using the same BlackBerry ID as when you originally upgraded. If for some reason this fails to work (no Internet connection when multiFEED is started, for instance) then BlackBerry World will let you download any previously purchased upgrades again at no extra cost. If you upgraded to multiFEED Standard on your old handset but when get your new device you decide to go all the way to multiFEED Premium, the application may mistakenly ask you to pay full price for the upgrade. If you find yourself in this situation, you must:

  1. Use Blackberry World to upgrade back to multiFEED Standard. When you attempt to purchase this upgrade BlackBerry World will report that you have already paid for it and multiFEED will change to Standard again at no additional charge.
  2. Use the Upgrade button again to upgrade to multiFEED Premium.

This way multiFEED will charge the StandardPremium upgrade price instead of the TrialPremium cost. DO NOT use BlackBerry World to purchase the Premium upgrade until you have restored multiFEED to the Standard level. Take note that arsMOBILIS will not issue refunds if you ignore this warning.

License Backup

When you back up your settings, the license key for your upgrade is saved in the backup file. If you restore the backup on the same device the upgrade will be reapplied if necessary. If the backup is restored to a different device you must use BlackBerry World to restore your upgrade since the license key is only good on the handset it was created for. If you are using the same BlackBerry ID on the new device, multiFEED should automatically restore the upgrade as soon as it is launched the first time.