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multiFEED supports two types of article headlines list on the front page, single feed and aggregate. As the name suggests, a single feed list displays the headlines for articles from one feed. An aggregate list combines the article headlines from up to ten individual feeds into one list. The trial version of multiFEED has several predefined (single and aggregate) feeds that cannot be changed or removed by the user, as well as slots for two single feeds that you can set to any RSS or Atom feed URL you like. The predefined feeds are:

Single Feeds:

Aggregate Feeds:

If you are happy with the predefined feeds you can begin reading articles on the front page right away. Just tap a headline to see the article content. If you want to define your own feeds in the two open slots, open the settings page from the application's top menu, then type or paste the URLs for your desired feeds into the two available spaces, or use the FeedFinder Browser. As soon as you save your changes multiFEED will reload all the articles for all your defined feeds.

Alternately, you can go straight to the upgrade page and remove some or all of the limitations by purchasing the Standard or Premium level upgrades.